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SunCore International, Inc.™

Our focus on International Commercial Real Estate Development is the result of our extensive experience with building systems utilized throughout the world.  SunCore International, Inc. development includes but is not limited to smart city development, custom designed manufactured homes, multi-family housing units, hotels, resorts, medical facilities and office amongst other mixed use construction projects.  


Differing geographical challenges abound when it comes to construction in various countries throughout the world.  Topography, climate change, extreme weather conditions including natural disasters, unknown site conditions, availability of building materials, interfaces with energy requirements, labor shortages, knowledge and skill deficiencies with labor force, civil construction and infrastructure demands, health and safety hazards, subcontractor defaults, poorly written contracts, increases in material costs, damage or theft of equipment and tools, insurance demands, building and engineering codes, change orders and the list goes on and on.


Eliminating, reducing and accepting risks takes careful planning.  Breaking down each risk into actionable items.  Agreeing to accept a high probability of high-risk impact without any type of management and mitigation could be detrimental to the project and to the budget’s bottom line.


SunCore International, Inc. brings the required experience to mitigate the construction risks and is able to work through and assess each risk based on the probability of it becoming a reality.  We bring the expertise along with the highest levels of collaboration and communication with all parties involved to keep everyone on the same page and working together.  This allows for the identification and management of risks BEFORE they become a problem.  Risks can lead to great rewards when they are managed effectively.


Contact us to learn more about how we can assist you in developing and building smart communities that combine green solutions with long term sustainability in any geographical area.

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